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Laser sights, bore sighting tools and training devices from LaserLyte

American Rifleman's B. Gil Horman's adventure into the world of laser sights for defensive firearms: Laserlyte's green shotgun laser sight

LaserLyte Specialty Laser Sights
LaserLyte now offers two new patterning sights and an interesting sight option for the NAA Black Widow.

Laser sights for defensive firearms have quickly become an integral part of many people’s self-defense plans. The technology continues to become more affordable, reliable and compact. LaserLyte, the shooting and hunting division of P&L Industries, offers a variety of laser products for shooting, including laser sights, bore sighting tools and training devices. Here's a look at three laser sight systems you just can't find anywhere else.

RML Kryptonyte Center Mass Sight (CM-15)
Defensive shotguns, especially the 12-gauge, have a near mythical status for personal protection. There's no doubt that in close-quarters combat a shotgun is one of the more effective self-defense options. However, despite what Hollywood and the under-informed may say, shotguns must be aimed to score threat-stopping hits. To aid shooters in aiming their defensive scatterguns properly, Laserlyte has developed a green laser sight designed for use with scatter guns.

The RML Kryptonyte Center Mass CM-15 green laser is a rail-mounted sight fitted with a splitter that breaks a single green laser beam into one central point of light surrounded by a halo of eight additional bright light points. As the distance to the target increases, the central laser beam remains on the bullseye while the eight surrounding points spread apart to form an expanded pattern. The result is a laser pattern that approximates the pattern size for a load of buckshot pellets fired at that distance.

Splitting the laser beam to create multiple light points has some trade offs. Green lasers have the advantage of greater visibility in bright conditions, with the single-beam version of the Kryptonyte sight generating a laser dot that's visible on lightly colored targets out to 50 yards in bright, natural light. In the same bright conditions, however, the eight outer dots of the CM-15 start to become squint worthy at 10 yards, with the central (brightest) dot becoming difficult to spot at the 15- to 20-yard range. Again, this was in the brightest natural light available. Moving to a well-lit shooting range kept the center dot clearly visible out to 25 yards. But in regular interior (home) lighting and low-light situations, the CM-15 offers an excellent level of visibility, especially in the 25-yard range. When faced with night-time levels of darkness, the nine-beam pattern can be seen out to (and beyond) 50 yards, although the pattern is fairly large at that distance.

After stretching the visibility of the CM-15 beyond most practical applications, the sight was attached to a tactical 12-gauge and sighted in for testing at an indoor range. The sight was adjusted so the central laser beam was in line with the front bead sight to form a center-of-mass aiming point. It should be noted here that the rule of thumb with the typical 18.5-inch Cylinder Bore shotgun is that shot pellets will spread apart at a rate of about 1-inch-per-yard traveled. With the CM-15 pointed at a target set at 7 yards, the eight bright points of light formed a 7-inch pattern around the central light. This is not a coincidence of design.

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