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A three-peat from MAGLITE® Instrument on

From Sales Manager Dirk Grove ...

The rugged Mag-Tac LED Flashlight at the NRAstore Fairfax, Virginia - Although the days are steadily growing longer (thank goodness!), there is still sufficient darkness to warrant the use of a good flashlight. Unless you live in Barrow, Alaska;)

That's why recently increased the MAG-nitude of its flashlight selection by bringing on some real gems from an industry heavy-hitter: MAGLITE® Instrument, Inc.

These state-of-the-art lights are NOT your grandpa’s MAGLITE. Not by a long shot. These lights are NOT 2 feet long, they DON’T weigh 8 lbs., and, in most cases, they WON’T double as a billy club. No, the new MAGLITES are sleek, compact LED instruments that are specifically engineered to match and exceed the best tactical lights available today.

Speaking of exceeding expectations, check out the NRA MAGLITE XL200. It’s less than five inches long, it’s powered by three AAA batteries, and it will run for 2.5 hours on its peak, 172 lumen power setting. In power-saving mode, you’ll get a whopping 218 hours of run time. BUT(drum roll, please): the XL200’s most impressive feature is the incorporation of a motion sensor that allows the user to control the light’s intensity by a twist of the wrist! Now, that’s state-of-the-art technology that almost seems like MAG-ic. Oh, and this light is emblazoned with the very cool NRA Tactical logo.

If you’re looking for the ideal military-style flashlight, look no further than the NRA MAG-TAC® LED Flashlight. Rugged, tough and powerful (320 lumens!), it incorporates three lighting modes: momentary, full power, and strobe (useful for signaling or disorienting an opponent). At just 5¼” long, it’s the perfect size to fit inside a cargo pocket. Plus, it features a scalloped bezel for close-quarters self defense, and two CR123 batteries fuel its brightness. NRA classic block letters, precision-engraved on the barrel, leave little doubt that a Second Amendment supporter is at the source of the beam.

The NRA Mini MAGLITE® Pro™, available at the NRAstore

For those who prefer sleekness over bulk, the NRA Mini MAGLITE® Pro™ offers an ultra-slim profile with robust LED performance. Weighing in at a mere 4.15 oz., it boasts a diameter of less than ¾” and a length of slightly more than 6½”. Twist the head, and the beam MAG-nifies from spot to flood in a flash. Twin AA batteries provide a maximum power output of 245 lumens – impressive for a light of such slender proportions. The classic NRA shield, featuring an eagle with crossed rifles, decorates the flared portion of the light’s barrel.

If you need illumination – and who doesn’t? – you owe it to yourself to check out the newest innovations from MAGLITE Instrument, Inc. Perhaps best of all, when you purchase the exclusive NRA MAGLITEs, you not only get state-of-the-art technology with an NRA brand, you also get the satisfaction of knowing you have contributed to the preservation of Second Amendment freedom. Because 100% of NRAstore profits go directly to support vital NRA programs!

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