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Winchester Model 1887 Shotguns works with a Browning designed Lever Action

Philip Schreier works the action on an 1887 Winchester lever action shotgun Fairfax, Virginia - Winter's arid chill has been replaced with the promise of warmth and honeysuckle as springtime returns to the National Firearms Museum. The coats are lighter, the sun is brighter, and the days are longer than those from long months past. Springtime brings but one thing to mind for Senior Curator Philip Schreier; shotguns.

"It's time to dust off our shotguns, our plus fours and tweeds and head to the skeet/trap fields to enjoy the rites of spring passage."

Today, for Curator's Corner, Schreier is dusting off a relatively rare Winchester Model 1887 Lever Action Shotgun. Yes, a lever action shotgun. Bet this is a first for most of you out there ... I know it was for me.

"What we have here is a John Browning designed lever action repeating shotgun. You have the tubular magazine for 12 or 10 gauge rounds - this particular guns in a 10 gauge. All you have to do is work the action.

"For those who were already sold on the slick action of the Winchester rifles appreciated the same design in a shotgun."

An 1887 Winchester lever action shotgun at the NRA Museum

Here's where the problems arise.

You walk into the shop, see the shotgun, and fall in love with the look and design. Then you take it out into the field. Load it, shoot it and cock the action. That's when notice the problem.

Philip Schreier holding an 1887 Winchester lever action shotgun "Problem is that to get that long shell to go up in the chamber, this is a big receiver back here, so it's a little awkward to work."

But it wasn't too awkward for Arnold.

That's right, for you Terminator fans out there, the Winchester Model 1887 is the shotgun Arnold takes from the bar owner at the beginning of Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Thought that version was of the sawed off variety, they both have the same difficulties when it comes to working the action.

To see Phil muscle on through, tune in at 5:40 to NRANews on the Sportsman Channel. If you like what you see, then come back next week. For just like Arnold, Phil will be back.


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