By Lars Dalseide | April 5 2013 08:20

Long Range High Power Rifle Championships bring in teams from the United States and Great Britain

Warming up for the American Match in South Africa - pics from James Watson of the England Rifle Team

While gearing up for the National Rifle & Pistol Championships this summer in Camp Perry, Ohio, we decided to wet your appetite with news from an international long range high power match taking place this week in South Africa

The General de Wet Range is located just outside of Bloemfontein, South Africa. It sits about 4,500 feet above sea level. The air is thin, the conditions are dry and the winds can be unforgiving … a perfect place for an International Long Range High Power Rifle Championship.

Today marks the beginning of the tournament's America Match - a match shot at 300, 600, 800 and 900 meters.

Shot in South Africa by eight man teams from the United States, England, Ireland, Wales and South Africa, NRAblog has been receiving updates from an unlikely source — the England Rifle Team. Thanks to Captain James Watson and official team diarist Alex Williams, here's where they stand after two rounds:

  • South Africa - 1192
  • USA - 1185
  • England - 1177
  • Ireland - 1172
  • Wales - 1110

Watson and Williams promise to keep us up to speed on the latest events as they happen. And, in between their time behind the trigger, maybe even send a few pictures along the way.

For more on the England Rifle Team, check out their 2013 South Africa magazine online.

General Mac Alexander presides over the match as chief range officer - pics from James Watson of the England Rifle Team.

Scoring Update, 10:18am - After the 800 meter leg of the America Match, both South Africa and England shot a 587 out of 600 while Team USA fired a 581. As Williams writes on the England Rifle Team website, "The last range is typically the most significant, and so all is still to play as we head into the final leg of the competition."


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