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Local NRA Certified Instructor Cummins teaches the leaders how to teach the Boy Scouts

Kevin Cummins oversees an NRA Shotgun Instructor class for local scout leaders in Missouri

Passing on lessons to tomorrow's shooting sports ambassadors

With approximately 97,000 NRA Certified Instructors, Counselors and Range Safety Officers, along with 5,700 Coaches, the National Rifle Association teaches and reaches just under a million students students a year. Men and women who are taking their first shots, refining their skills, or learning how to guide others through the revelry of America's shooting sports.

One of the most important positions is that of the Training Counselor. People like Kevin Cummins out of St. Louis, Missouri, who teach others how to teach. To ensure that safety, ethics, education and fun are all part of every lesson plan.

During Cummins' latest venture, he brought thirty-five potential Shotgun and Rifle Instructors out to a training center in Poplar Bluff. Here's the report:

Poplar Bluff, Missouri - Twenty candidates successfully completed an NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor class 22-23 March, 2013 in metropolitan St. Louis, MO, as well as fifteen candidates completed an NRA Rifle Instructor course 15-16 March, 2013 in Classroom version of Kevin Cummins' NRA Shotgun/Rifle Instructor class for local scout leaders in Missouri Poplar Bluff. These courses were taught by NRA Training Counselor Kevin Cummins for youth shooting sports leaders of the local Scout councils and high school trap teams. And it's not his first.

Under the direction of NRA Training Counselor Cummins, an instructor workshop is held each month in different disciplines. He holds these classes in order to ensure that there are enough Midwest instructors to oversee the shooting sports activities offered to today's youth. Classes are rotated monthly through the disciplines of Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, ML Rifle, ML Shotgun, ML Pistol, and Range Safety Officer.

With approximately twenty instructor candidates in each class, a few hundred instructors are trained annually. Training all those instructors means that not only will there be enough trained, qualified personnel to oversee the region's team shooting activities, but that there are enough certified instructors and Range Safety Officers to staff the numerous youth shooting events held annually.

You won't find a better Training Counselor out there then Kevin.

If you would like assistance in planning classes or events, you can contact Kevin Cummins at If he has the time, he will help make it happen.

An NRA Shotgun Instructor class for local scout leaders in Missouri run by Kevin Cummins

NRA Instructors operate all throughout the United States. With classes in everything from Basic Pistol to Basic Personal Protection to Shotgun Instructor, there's plenty of opportunities to get involved in the shooting sports. Get all the details on the NRA Instructors website at


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