By Lars Dalseide | April 2 2013 08:04

SAS Black Ops hosting first NRA Airsoft 3-Gun event in 13,000 square foot arena

NRA Staffer shooting the shotgun phase of an Airsoft 3-gun event at NRA Headquarters

Fairfax, Virginia – When we told you that NRA Sports was developing a 3-Gun event for Airsoft shooters, competitions weren't expected to kick off until the Fall. Leave it to Sam and Andy to shatter those expectations.

"Our first event is going to be next weekend at the SAS Black Ops Airsoft Arena in Marietta, Georgia," said NRA Recreational Shooting Specialist Andy Lander. "Two sessions, one day, a whole lot of 3-gun."

Starting at 2pm, competitors will run through three separate courses inside the SAS Black Ops Airsoft Arena in Marietta. Each course requires the use of an AR-styled rifle, a shotgun and pistol. Just remember ... all of these firearms are Airsoft.

“Fernando Gordinho of Command Airsoft Technologies built the Airsoft guns we’re using for the competition,” said fellow NRA Specialist Samantha Olsen. “They have the same weight, look and feel of the regular guns. The only difference is that they shoot Airsoft BBs.”

Though the event doesn't kick off until April 13, that doesn't mean you should wait to register at the door. You can sign up now at the SAS Black Ops website at!nra-3ge-registration-/c1leu.

The day will be divided into two special sessions ... one starting at 2pm and the other at 6pm. Open to all ages (as well as non-NRA members), there is a $5 discount off the $10 entry fee for those who register early or those who are NRA or SAS members. And in case you were wondering yes, that is a "per session" fee. Although, as a special for coming out that day, SAS Black Ops is offering a $20 pass that will allow you use of the entire facility (and the 2pm session) throughout the day.

NRA 3-Gun Airsoft "For first time Airsoft shooters, they're going to be surprised," said Olsen. "No noise, no recoil, just a shot on target. The kids are really going to love it."

SAS Black Ops is a 27,000 square foot military simulation facility featuring a 13,000 square foot indoor airsoft arena. Located at 1280 Field Parkway​ in Marietta, you can reach them for more information at 678-659-9319​ or find them on Facebook at

Check out the NRA Sports and their 3-Gun events for a competition near you.


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