By Lars Dalseide | April 1 2013 08:01

NRA's Champion Cap from Fairfax, Virginia - Without as much as an attempt to take on the April Fool's Day banner, we being the day instead with a recent addition to the storeroom. And this time they're going at it with a touch of patriotic style.

What we have here, to borrow the beginning of that famous phrase from Strother Martin's Captain, is a baseball cap. But it's more than a baseball cap. It's a Champion Cap. The NRA Champion Cap. Why do they call it a Champion Cap? Well, instead of trying to weave a few fresh words together, allow me to borrow again ... this time from

A champion can be defined as “a person who fights for or defends any person or cause.” As an NRA Member, you’re a champion of the right to keep and bear arms.

Back view of NRA's Champion Cap, along with an 1871, from On the front, paneled in blue, is a red and white version of the NRA Eagle with rifles at the ready in the talons. Streaming down the front blue panel is a red slash a white NRA tag.

Made completely from cotton twill, the hat is finished off with a mesh side panel and an 1871 stamped on the Velcro® closure.

Going for a fleet $16.95 (less tax and shipping), the NRA Champion Cap is a great addition to any hat collection. In fact, it would probably look pretty darn good in a few weeks down in Texas for the NRA 500. Right?

So head on over the and give it a quick once over. And while you’re there, take another second to request a FREE NRAStore catalog.


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