By Lars Dalseide | March 29 2013 13:44

Arizona business says contribution is "important to all of us at the core of the current debate on gun control"

Youth Ambassador Breanna Lincoski with Eddie Eagle.Tuscon, Arizona Late last year, NRA's Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program reached an important milestone; 26 million kids. That's 26 million pre-k through 3rd graders who sang along and learned Eddie's lifesaving message of "Stop! Don't Touch! Leave the Area. Tell an Adult."

Thanks to that message, along with the coloring books, DVDs and other instructional items that come along with it, America's accidental firearm fatality rates have fallen steadily for decades.

The program centers around the Eddie Eagle mascot costume. Available to law enforcement agencies only, the costume captures the children's attention and draws them in. Problem is that the costume isn't cheap.

What you're probably wondering is how do these police departments and agencies pay for the costume? That doesn't come through public funds, does it? No, it doesn't. It comes from grants.

Grants from established NRA fundraising programs. There are also donation … like the one promised by Diamondback Police Supply. Here's a portion of a statement from Douglas MacKinlay, Owner/President of Diamondback Police Supply, about the pledge:

"Diamondback Police Supply will make a $1295.00 contribution ... to the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program that teaches children, in pre-K through 3rd grade, four important steps to take if they find a gun. The emphasis of the program is on child safety, something that is important to all of us at the core of the current debate on gun control.”

So thanks to Mr. MacKinlay and Diamondback Police Supply for their support. If you'd like to follow their example, check out the Eddie Eagle website at


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