By Lars Dalseide | March 27 2013 16:47

Philip Schreier shares stories of repeating and lever action shotguns

Roper Shotgun revolving shells Fairfax, Virginia - When NRANews calls to schedule another segment of Curator's Corner, there are only two questions for us to answer. Is Phil available and what are we shooting. They placed that very call just yesterday — the answer was yes and shotguns.

Focusing on shotguns was a natural selection. Not only are they the latest firearm to find themselves cast upon the national stage (thanks to a questionable method of self-defense suggested by everyone's favorite Rhode Island resident), but shotguns are regarded by most to be the firearm from which all guns were born.

"The very first gun itself can be considered a shotgun," Philip Schreier, Senior Curator for the National Firearms Museum told the NRANews film crew. "A large, smooth bore pipe that fired a lot of projectiles."

Shot during the middle of the day in the heart of the National Firearms Museum, patrons and staff soon gathered round for a front row seat of the show. Phil never missed a beat. Just focused on the shotguns and shared stories of their creation and operation.

So how many large, smooth bore pipes did Phil share with the crew? Plenty.

"We have the first revolving shotgun, the first successful repeating shotgun, the first successful repeating pump action shotgun, an Arnold in the Terminator shotgun and a double barrel over-under."

Phil Schreier with a side opening Browning designed Double Barrel Shotgun A double barrel over-under? How the heck does that work?

A wily grin crept across the curator's face. He looked right, then left, and then replied.

"You'll have to tune in this April to find out."

Curator's Corner is a regular Monday afternoon segment on NRANews. With Executive Producer John Popp on one side and Senior Curator Philip Schreier on the other, the two revel over a certain, special gun plucked from the National Firearms Museum's vast collection.

If you ever miss the initial airing, you can catch up on past episodes, on the NRANews website at

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