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The NRA Minuteman Concealment Mantel Clock adds colonial flair to safety

NRA Minuteman Concealment Mantel Clock

Monday morning means we're back on the air with NRAstore Sales Manager Dirk Grove and another offering for Membership Monday. This week, Dirk decided to focus on two very important aspect of any product — safety and style:
Fairfax, Virginia - The NRA Minuteman Concealment Mantel Clock celebrates seconds:

It’s reliable to the second, thanks to a reliable quartz movement.

It’s respectful to the Second, as evidenced by the 2nd Amendment excerpt that proudly appears on its face.

And, when seconds REALLY count, the NRA Minuteman Mantel Clock could save your life.

 You see, while it looks for all the world like an heirloom mantel clock, there’s a cleverly disguised feature: our clock is specially engineered to house a handgun. With home invasions all too common these days, it makes sense to be prepared to resist an intruder. But, it’s not always practical to wear a holstered handgun while lounging in your bathrobe.

And that’s where the NRA Minuteman Mantel Clock comes in. Place it strategically almost anywhere in your home and it will look like and function as a beautiful timepiece…until you need it! Then, simply flip down the front panel to reveal your handgun. In seconds you’ll be transformed from helpless victim to armed defender.

The interior is lined with a soft, green felt to protect your valuable handgun. It’s sized to accept almost any medium to large handgun (up to 8 inches long and 5 inches high).

The shining gold clock face – an NRA exclusive design – adds beauty and elegance, while discreetly hidden hinges and a magnetic closure conceal the clock’s true purpose.

The NRA Minuteman Concealment Mantel Clock made of wood and finished in a rich mahogany stain. For increased security, why not purchase two or more, and place them in different parts of your house?

You’ll find the NRA Minuteman Concealment Mantel Clock, along with a vast array of exciting products for the NRA lifestyle, at While you’re there, be sure to request a FREE CATALOG (You can also call us toll-free at 1-888-607-6007). And remember, 100% of NRAstore profits go directly to support vital NRA programs!

NRA Minuteman Concealment Mantel Clock - front side


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