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Introduce, reacquaint or familiarize yourself with the shooting sports this spring with the NRA

Learning the basics of firearm safety and handling at an NRA Day

Fairfax, Virginia - Spring has sprung. People all across the country are emerging from their homes to enjoy the fun and warmth of the great outdoors.

One sure way to enjoy the great outdoors (if we don't say so ourselves) is to take part in an Brownells/NRA Day. Put on by members of your community, NRA Days welcome anybody of any age to revel in some outdoor fun and the shooting sports.

Not every NRA Day is the same. Each one is based on a theme that dictates what activities are held and the firearms present. A NRA Day one weekend could be completely different from one a week later in the same state. Regardless of the theme, though, you'll definitely have a great time getting some hands-on opportunities with firearms and meeting other shooting sports enthusiasts. Seasoned pros, newbies, it doesn't matter. Everyone has fun in the safe, controlled, beautiful environment.

Do NRA Days sound right up your alley? Check the NRA Day website to see where future events are coming up or contact your local range and see if they'd be interested in putting one on - or organize one yourself. The list is constantly updating, so don't be discouraged if you don't see anything in your area yet.

NRA Days are a great way to get outside and see how good your aim is (or isn't).

While it's true that parts of the country are still cold, that isn't stopping everyone. There's only one NRA Day coming up in the next few weeks and hopefully the weather will be a little warmer by then.

Safety And Firearm Education Events
Safety is applied and practiced as participants are taught how to safely handle, load, shoot, and unload a variety of different guns.

  • April 20
    Hartfield, Virginia
    Middlessex Sportsman Huntclub
    Family camp - open to everyone
    Learn firearm safety from our instructors
    Lunch, ammo, firearms, ear and eye protection provided
    Registration $10.00

Want to learn more about NRA Days? Contact NRA Day Program Coordinator Samantha Olsen at or 703-267-1598 for more information. Remember, NRA Days can be tailored to the needs of your club, community or based on your resources.

Not only can you introduce new folks and families to the shooting sports, but you can show off the programs and activities offered at your club or range. It's a win-win.


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