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"Crown Jewel" of Collectors’ gun shows promised 1,000 tables of antiques and memorabilia

The National Firearms Museum brings Teddy Roosevelt to the Baltimore Gun Show

Timonium, Maryland - The weekends can sneak up on you fast.

As last weekend approached, for example, I ran down to the National Firearms Museum to check on Philip Schreier. Phil is one of two Senior Curators at the museum. He tends to have his finger on the pulse of the firearm nation. But Phil was no where to be found. He was gone. Gone to the Baltimore Gun Show.

Officially known as the "Original Baltimore" Antique Arms Show, the event kicked off Saturday morning at nine at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium. Though anyone with ten dollars was welcomed through the doors, they do have one overall restriction ... no modern handguns (post 1898) allowed. This one is for antiques only. Phil, and the museum's trusty Matt Sharpe, followed the rules to the letter.

"We decided to bring out a few pieces from the Teddy Roosevelt collection," said Phil. "A pair of rifles and a pair of pistols."

To be more specific, the display included an Adolph Double Rifle, a Winchester Model 1895 Lever Action Rifle, a Smith & Wesson Model 3 and the Fabrique Nationale semi-auto we told you about a few weeks ago. (In case you wondering, yes the FN is a Model 1900, but it was designed in 1896 ... still within the rules.)

Run by the Maryland Arms Collectors Association, the "Original Baltimore" first opened for business back in 1955. And though some may question the antiques only rule, it didn't seem to bother anyone who stopped by the National Firearms Museum display.

"Hundreds of people came up to take photos and ask questions about the President's guns. Did he take them on safari? Is this a Rough Rider gun? Which one was his favorite? Any chance we can shoot one? That's the only one we tend to answer in the negative.

"All in all it was a great show. Great people, great weekend and a great collection of guns."

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