By Kyle Jillson | March 17 2013 08:40

Matt and Jessie Duff bring Friends of NRA to Hawaii for 'Big Adventures on the Big Island'

Friends of NRA hosts Matt and Jessie Duff go marlin fishing in Hawaii

Fairfax, Virginia - Tonight on Outdoor Channel you can catch the second to last episode of Friends of NRA's third season.

It's been a wild ride following hosts Matt and Jessie Duff around this winter, but all good things must come to an end... not yet though. In Episode 9 our dynamic duo breaks out the swimsuits and packs their bags for Hawaii. (No doubt they were dragged on kicking and screaming.)

After picking up the hunting licenses they'll need later, Friends of NRA moves to their first stop: checking in with the dedicated volunteers of the Youth “Guts” Match.

Next up, Matt and Jessie put their licenses to use with a mouflon sheep hunt on the beautiful Mauna Kea. Roughly one million years old, much of the mountain is underwater and, when measuring from its base to its peak, is almost three times as tall as Mount Everest.

Friends of NRA's next stop is the Aina Na Hoku Kai Coffee Farm, home of the famous Kona Coffee. There out hosts meet with the farm's owner, Chuck Moss, a big Friends of NRA donor.

And to make sure Matt and Jessie get the full Hawaiian experience, the two are whisked away on a deep sea marlin fishing excursion by famous guide Captain Marlin Parker.

At night, and back on land, the experience is completed with a luau where Matt and Jessie take full advantage of the local attractions.

You can see a clip from Matt and Jessie's mouflon sheep hunt above but to see the rest you'll need to tune into Outdoor Channel, tonight, at 10:00 PM ET.


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