By Lars Dalseide | March 15 2013 11:42

South Carolina range welcomes outdoor writers and photographers for morning shoot

Shotgun shells discarded across the path to the elevated station

Swansea, South Carolina - The bus arrived so early last weekend in Columbia, South Carolina, that there was time for a second coat of morning frost to dance across the diesel stained windows. A ragtag collection of outdoor writers, photographers and tv producers trudged from the breakfast bar to the doors in zombie-like fashion.

Though exhausted from a week's worth of lessons, seminars and workshops, our sunrise trek held the promise of gun powder — making the early AM awakening all the more worth while.

Twenty-five miles down the road was the Live Oaks Sportsmans Club. Pistol range, rifle range and trap fields awaited. It was time to shoot some guns.

Crossbow brought by Smith Elite at the POMA Media Day in Columbia, South Carolina

As members of the Outdoor Media, it's essential that we stay on top of the latest, guns, gear and equipment the market has to offer. And that's exactly why we went to Live Oaks.

The only question was where to begin. While some kept to the clubhouse collection of doughnuts and coffee, the rest of us made for the triggers. Crossbows at fifty yards, air guns at twenty and rifles up to 200. That's how you spend a morning.

"I only wish we could have stayed longer," said a writer from Texas. "There never seems to be enough time to get to all the guns."

Dual optics on a semi-automatic rifle at the POMA Media Day

There were bolt action rifles, semi-automatic rifles, six-shot revolvers, semi-auto pistols, over-under shotguns, double-barrel shotguns and break-top air guns ... more than enough to keep a hundred or more of us busy for the better part of three hours.

Wrapping up with a presentation from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (thanks for the lunch guys), we trudged back onto the bus and made for the hotel. One last session of seminars to attend.

Those trips to the range are what helps keep us on top of the gear. It's an essential part of the job. Sure, it might sound like fun, but there's a lot more that goes into it then just heading to the range. The meetings, research, the writing, the rewriting, the phone calls, the tours, the days on the road, nights on a plane and weeks away from home. That's a lot of wear and tear that goes into it.

Thankfully we have days like these to help make it all worth while.

Inflatable Air Rifle range from the National Wild Turkey Federation


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