By Kyle Jillson | March 13 2013 11:48

Final scores and photos from the NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championship's first match of the week

Finalist Matthew Pueppke from North Dakota State University at the NRA Free Pistol Championship

Columbus, Georgia - Scores from this morning's Standard Pistol Championship are being finalized while teams run off to grab lunch before the Women's Sport Pistol Championship, but not NRAblog!

While we're waiting to hear who won this morning's match, enjoy some photos from yesterday's Free Pistol Championship.

To jog your memory, this match is shot with a .22 caliber rimfire pistol. Your firearm can't entirely be "free," however. Competitors must use open sights and grips that do not come into contact with the hand beyond the wrist. On the other hand, there are no restriction on sight radius or trigger weight.

After the match, the eight top shooters were selected to determine the individual champion in a final.

You already know Midshipman Czerda Frank from the United States Naval Academy won the title, but here's the full scoreboard:

2013 NRA Free Pistol Individual Championship
Place Competitor School Score
1 Czerda Frank USNA 615.2
2 Matthew Pueppke NDSU 609.3
3 Timothy Steinberg USNA 605.0
4 Alexis Lagan Utah 600.6
5 Martin Evans Utah 592.7
6 Stephen Bowden Citadel 592.5
7 Joseph Savo USNA 588.8
8 Gary Reburn Ohio St 587.4
2013 NRA Free Pistol Team Championship
Place School Score
1 United States Naval Academy 2006
2 United States Military Academy 2004
3 University of Utah 1998


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