By Lars Dalseide | March 11 2013 07:57

Another Bright Idea from NRAstore™ - Camp Lights

NRA Camp Lamp Survival Lantern

Once again, Manager Dirk Grove comes to NRAblog with one of the latest and greatest products from For all those in need of illumination, here's the NRA Camp Lamp Survival Lantern.
Fairfax, Virginia - With (hopefully) the last snowstorm of the season a recent memory, our thoughts are turning to warmer weather – and life in the great outdoors.

Whether you passion resides in hunting, hiking, climbing, fishing or camping, a reliable light source is vitally important. It can mean the difference between having a great outdoor experience and an unpleasant one. It can even mean the difference between surviving … or not.

Until now, keeping things bright meant packing multiple flashlights for your excursions. Worse yet, prudence required the simultaneous transport of a separate stash of extremely heavy batteries – just in case!

The new NRA Camp Lamp Survival Lantern is designed to bring your enjoyment of the outdoors into the 21st century. Not for a day, not for a week, but for thirty days of continuous light at its lowest settings. Three powerful 1.4 watt LEDs give you the option of high (300 lumens), medium (150 lumens) or low (29 lumens) output levels.

Power by a trio of your standard alkaline D-Cell batteries, you can use it indoors and outdoors. Put together in a tough, rubberized, water-resistant ABS plastic, the lantern comes with a built-in NRA Camp Lamp Survival Lantern hanging on a hook recessed hook that allows the owner to display it as a downlight or use it as a table lamp. And now matter where you end up putting it, the Camp Light can always come to the rescue thanks to a continuous SOS mode.

You’ll find the Camp Lamp 30 Day Survival Lantern, along with a vast array of exciting products for the NRA lifestyle, at While you’re there, take the time to request a FREE NRASTORE.COM CATALOG (You can also call us toll-free at 1-888-607-6007).


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