By Lars Dalseide | February 27 2013 15:45

NRA President joined by Offensive Lineman on NRANews

NRA President David Keene on NRA News Alexandria, Virginia - As part of their "Straight Shooters" week, NRANews is bringing in a pair of heavyweights ready to take on the big issues — NRA President David Keene and retired NFL lineman Matt Light.

Keene, a lifelong hunter, has been involved in national politics for more than thirty years. Elected NRA President at the 2011 Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he recently spoke with CNN's Jake Tapper regarding possible firearm bans, restrictions and limitations being discussed on Capitol Hill.

"What we're interested in doing is getting members of Congress and members of the Senate to listen to their constituents and to vote to protect the Second Amendment," Keene told Tapper. "We think if you have a debate on these issues, if you have a debate on what's effective and what isn't effective, that what we'll come out with at the other end of this maze that is the Congressional bill making machine is going to be reasonable."

Matt Light is a three-time Superbowl winning lineman for the New England Patriots. Now retired, we learned about Light earlier this year thanks to a Shooting Illustrated article on NFL Players taking classes at SIG Academy, is also a lifelong sportsman. His non-profit organization (The Light Foundation), based in Columbus, Ohio, regularly exposes young people to the wonders of the great outdoors.

Here's more from the Foundation website:

“We want these kids to serve something bigger than themselves; they help others and help themselves by doing that. A lot of these kids, all they need is an opportunity. We use the outdoors as a real teaching tool and a way to get kids to open up. And with us, these kids aren’t given anything; we make them work for everything they achieve. But through that they understand and value hard work, they learn work ethic, and they become proud of what they do and want to share their accomplishments.”

So get to your television and fire up the Sportsman Channel. Not sure where to go? Then head on over to and enter in your zip code to see your local channel information.

You've only got fifteen minutes so make it fast.


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