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After Top Shot, Terry Vaughan planning to embrace the open range and mountain tops of Wyoming

Top Shot Terry Vaughan at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada

Earlier this week, told you about Top Shot Englishman Terry Vaughan and his experience after the History Channel show. At the end there was talk of his move to Wyoming. Here's how it happened:

Las Vegas, Nevada - Moving from one end of the pond to another doesn't sound like that big of a deal. But it is when the pond you're referring to is the Atlantic Ocean. That's what Terry Vaughan — former dancer, British Royal Marine Commando and Top Shot contestant — did a number of years ago.

Now in the states, as a nationally recognized expert on non-verbal communications and an experienced NRA Certified Instructor, he is making another move. Not across the pond, but across the nation. That's right, he's picking up the business, the wife and the kids and moving them all to Wyoming.

Apparently Top Shot colleague Tim Trefren is to blame.

"I was visiting Tim out in Wyoming," Vaughan began. "It was one of the days when it was 25 below, absolutely freezing and I thought – this is great! It's the first time since I moved to America that I was able to wear all my winter clothing."

While the wearing all the winter clothing rationale was a bit tongue and cheek, there was a hint excitement in his eyes. Some for the cold, some for greater access to the outdoors, but mostly for one of the greatest benefits Wyoming has to offer.

"All that space. Our kids are just at that age now when they can really start appreciating it. We can get out, do some fishing, do some hunting and we can do it in our own back yard."

Growing up in the United Kingdom, space generally comes at a premium. Unless you're born out in the English countryside, odds are that you're not going to actually live in the English countryside. One of the reasons why he moved to the States in the first place.

"While I was still in the military, I was the only Englishman with Garth Brooks playing on a full-time basis on my cassette player," said Vaughan. "My mates were always asking what the hell are you listening too? I'm learning country, it's where I"m going."

The idea of space is one thing. Living there, where the nearest sign of civilization is Trefren's tract followed by a grocery store another forty-five miles away, is another. With three kids (age seven, eight and eleven) and a wife who are used to the ease an East Coast city has to offer, this could be traumatic.

Then again, maybe not.

"She's enthusiastic about the move. And with the kids being at the age they are at, she's ready to find some space and get out of town as well. We've all had enough of the traffic, enough with the rat race so they are all for it.

"We've had the convenience, we've had the stores at our back door, but what we haven't had is the ability to step out of our own back yard and there it is — mountains. That's what we want. So we're going to give up the convenience of having all those stores close to us, but to gain all that land, the mountains, the snow, the clean air, all of it, it's going to be tremendous.

"We'll be living pretty close to Tefron so I'm going to be doing all the hunting I need with my buddy Tim. A home where the deer and antelope play. Basically, I want to be an English Cowboy. Perhaps Wyoming's first."

Anette Wacther, Terry Vaughan and Tim Trefron from Top Shot at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada


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