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NRA's Conceal Carry Attache case with pistol

Fairfax, Virginia - Those who choose to employ their right to keep and bear arms have a number of options. Depending on the individuals state of residence, they are allowed to keep a firearm in the home, carried openly in public or carried concealed. For those who go the concealed carry route, has a more businesslike option.

What we're talking about is the NRA Conceal Carry Attache case.

What you get is a sleek, black, professionally styled briefcase. With a reinforced steel cable shoulder strap and heavy-duty YKK zippers, it's made to make sure that only those who are meant to gain entry are allowed. Then we open it up.

On one side you have pouches for keys, pens, cards and papers. On the other, there's a lockable rear compartment that holds a Velcro® lined holster. It's lined with velcro so you can switch the holster back and forth to suit both right and left handed users. There's thinking ahead.

So where's the NRA on the attache? Two places.

First on the outside of the luggage tag ... a standard on any piece of luggage. The others are found lined in the custom sateen finished interior.

To add this conceal carry case to your collection, all you have to go is head over to and add that attache case to your cart. It will run you $149.95 (not including tax and shipping), but it's well worth the security and style you'll soon be able to sport.

Go check it out for yourself.

NRA's Conceal Carry Attache case opened and close from


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