By Lars Dalseide | February 18 2013 16:32

Owner of world's largest gun show shares his flintlock pistol made for the Middle East

Joe Wannemacher's London made flintlock pistol for the middle east

Fairfax, Virginia - As Curator's Corner draws ever closer on this Monday's episode of NRANews on the Sportsman Channel, we take a quick peak at last week's episode. Given that it's the final segment from last year's Tulsa Gun Show, they brought of the big dog himself ... Joe Wannemacher. Joe didn't disappoint. As a final farewell, he brought out his London made flintlock.

"It's silver inlay, the barrel is chiseled with a lot of find handwork," Wannamacher explained. "The stock is highly inlayed with silver wire. It's just a beautiful, well made gun."

Made by English craftsman a couple of centuries ago, this particular style of flintlock was manufactured for the Middle Eastern market.

Hand chiseled barrel of an English made flintlock pistol for the middle eastern gun market

"Probably a sultan or high end official," Wannamacher surmised. "It certainly would not have been made for the general market."

Certainly a beautiful pistol. Beware, however, if you happen upon such a piece of your own. For as National Firearms Museum Director Jim Supica points out, there are a number of fakes and forgeries out there.

"They've been making them for centuries and are still making them today for the tourist trade," Supica warned. "Somebody thinks they have something wonderful until you put them against a real treasure like this."

Action of a London manufactured flintlock pistol for middle eastern elite

Next week, we return to the National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia as Senior Curator Phil Schreier produces a stunning revolver from the Old West ... it just keeps getting better.


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