By Lars Dalseide | February 17 2013 15:45

Supica and Schreier have Civil War rifle and World War II exotics on Guns and Gold

Winchester Model 1892 rifle used by John Wayne as The Ringo Kid in the 1939 movie Stagecoach

Just because tomorrow is a federal holiday doesn't mean that the boys from NRA's Guns and Gold are taking a break. No, they're back again on the Outdoor Channel with great examples of firearms used in the Civil War, World War II and on the silver screen out west in Hollywood.

Shot on location at Wannemacher's Tulsa Gun Show, the event continues to provide a treasure trove of firearms history.

"The Tulsa Show is always the highpoint of the year," said National Firearms Museum Director Jim Supica. "What I always like to say about the show here is that if you can't find something you like then you're just being too darn picky."

Every week, viewers receive a first hand look at a collection of firearms that few have ever seen. Some are priceless, some of duds, but all are unique. Like the .58 caliber 1861 Springfield musket that Senior Museum Curator Philip Schreier choose to open the show.

"This was given to my mother from her grandfather who received it from his father," said the owner. "It was handed down for several generations and experienced some actual Civil War use."

Not a bad start, aye?

After a look at a breechloading cartridge conversion and an Italian shotgun, Supica takes us back to Virginia for a Museum Minute. That's where we find a piece of The Duke.

In 1939, the American public found themselves a new hero. A man by the name of John Wayne. Playing The Ringo Kid in Stagecoach, Wayne was seen wielding a 15' Model 1892 Winchester rifle. Thanks to an oversized loop in the lever action, he was able to cock the rifle one-handed by swinging the rifle 'round in a circle. Very cool.

To get a look at the Winchester, and even an unserialized Mauser G 33/40 rifle, be sure to tune in for Locked 'n Loaded Monday on the Outdoor Channel. At 9:00pm, thanks to the folks at Universal Coin & Brownells, that's when the NRA magic happens.

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