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Barb Baird sits down with NRA's winningest Conventional Pistol shooter

NRA's Shooting Sports USA asks What's in Brian Zins' range bag?

Fairfax, Virginia - Barb Baird's column in this month's Shooting Sports USA finds the Women's Outdoor News Editor face to face with pistol legend Brian Zins. Between 20 years in the Marines, 11 Camp Perry titles in 19 years, 30 NRA National Records and runner-up on Top Shot, it's been quite the career in the shooting world.

Some know him as "Gunny," a couple even call him Dad, but whatever you know Brian Zins by, it's hard to deny his impact on competitive shooting. So why wouldn't you want to take a peek inside his range bag? What tricks and habits does Zins have? If you're interested, stick around - you might learn something.

Recognized by television viewers across America from “Top Shot, Season 2,” Brian Zins is even better known for his eleven National NRA Pistol Championship wins at Camp Perry. Zins shares what’s in his competition gun box.

“I’ve had the same Pachmayr 500 gun box for about 14 years now,” said Zins, aka “Gunny,” a title earned while serving 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Last summer, he won his 11th championship by shooting a Feinwerkbau .22 and a .45 cal. Cabot 1911. Sponsored by Cabot Guns, Lapua Ammunition and Atlanta Arms & Ammo, Zins loads his gun box like he is preparing for a military mission.

Here’s what he packs:

  • Ranger Engineering shooting glasses, usually Vermillion lenses. “For shooting a ‘dot’, this lens keeps it nice and crisp.”
  • EP3 Sonic Defender filtered, flanged earplugs Peltor tactical ear muffs, if necessary, on top of the EP3s
  • Screwdrivers
  • Lens cleaner and lens cleaner pen
  • Rosin – the type that goes on as a liquid and is not sticky
  • Bore snakes
  • Pens, pencils and overlays for scoring
  • KOWA spotting scope
  • Sharpies (for autograph signing, of course)

He also uses a homemade rest made from three empty 9 mm ammo boxes duct-taped together. “This replaces a heavy sandbag to rest the trigger guard on in between shots. It allows me to keep from breaking wrist while resting and it also keeps the front of the gun off the bench.”

We wish Brian luck on his bid for a 12th Camp Perry title this summer, but we're not so sure he needs it.

Check out the rest of February's Shooting Sports USA on their website.


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