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In five days the NRA will make sure your range is up to snuff

NRA Range Development & Operations Conference

Fairfax, Virginia - Ranges are getting pretty busy nowadays, aren't they? For anyone who owns, operates, or is looking to start their own shooting range, the NRA can help you get the most out of it. Give us just five days and our NRA Range Development & Operations Conference will teach you how to have best and safest option for shooters in your area.

This industry seminar walks range owners and operators, of both existing and proposed range facilities, through identifying all of the potential problems associated ranges (i.e. environmental issues, safety, development). From novices to veterans, everybody has something to learn about efficiently tackling these issues.

And just who will be teaching this seminar? What experience do they have running ranges? The NRA's team of nine instructors brings enough credentials to help anyone who attends. Read up on the instructors here.

There's no specific type of range this conference is geared toward. Its workshops can be applied to anyone: government agencies, commercial, public, private, school, club and casual ranges - both indoor and outdoor.

Specifically, attendees receive a multidisciplinary perspective on the following major topics:

  • Developing business and master plans 
  • Public hearings and zoning boards 
  • Environmental sound 
  • Insurance 
  • Lead on outdoor ranges and OSHA lead standards 
  • Range maintenance
  • Range safety

There are two conferences in 2013 and one is coming up very soon:

  • Denver, Colorado - April 7-10
  • Fairfax, Virginia - September 29-October 2

There are only a couple conferences each year and they move around the United States. If you see one you'd like to attend, sign up as soon as you can.

A key element for advancement in any profession is continued education. Times aren't like they used to be. Today's shooting range operator needs the savvy of a businessman, the wisdom of a firearms enthusiast and the knowledge of a health and safety professional. The most successful professionals constantly strive to improve their knowledge and expertise by pursuing opportunities to learn from associates and experts.

Don't you want to stay on top of your game?

Contact Kara Schlifke at or 877-NRA-RANGE to reserve your spot or get more information. You can also register online at If you'd like to run a successful shooting range, this conference is integral to helping you achieve your goal.

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