By Lars Dalseide | February 10 2013 14:29

NRA Curators find Guns of Art from the Tulsa Arms Show in Oklahoma

Holland & Holland Double Rifle - .700 Nitro Express

For a number of collectors, guns are nothing more then a canvas of steel. Works of art to be praised, admired and kept in a place of honor. Those are the type of firearms Phil and Jim are bringing out tomorrow night for NRA's Guns & Gold.

"What usually happens when you start doing custom work on a gun is that the value goes down because collectors want that original configuration," said National Firearms Museum Director Jim Supica. "But it's different when you have a classic gunsmith do the work."

The kind of work you'll see includes a gold washed Colt Ace .22, pistols engraved by the master Browning craftsman Angelo Bee and a couple of beautiful Holland and Holland shotguns from the NRA Museum's Petersen Gallery.

"You can only imagine the type of work and skill it takes when you're hand carving steel," said Supica. "You can't erase if you make a slip."

Presented by Brownells, NRA's Guns and Gold runs every Monday night at 9 eastern on the Sportsman Channel. For a preview of what's in store, take a look below.

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