By Kyle Jillson | February 9 2013 09:14

Sales, seminars, prizes and more at every Cabela's location this weekend

NRA weekend at Cabela's February 2013

It's the weekend and you're thinking of heading over to Cabela's. That's nothing new. But this weekend is special. Saturday and Sunday, February 9 and 10, are NRA weekend at Cabela's all across the country. It's not like you even needed an excuse to head over to the store, but now you have one!

Alright, you want to know what's so special about the weekend. An NRA membership booth will be at every Cabela's store and you'll receive a $25 gift card if you join NRA, renew your membership, sign up a friend or family member or add a year to your membership. That's right, for a year-long NRA membership you'll get most of it back to spend at Cabela's.

Become an NRA Life Member and not only will you get the gift card, but we'll throw in a great leather jacket as well.

The party isn't just at the door though, there will be seminars, and special events on home defense, concealed carry laws, firearm maintenance, ladies-only seminars and more.

Like I said, it's not like you need another excuse to get out to Cabela's but these are really good excuses.

Whether you show up or not, we hope you have a great weekend. But we hope to see you there.


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