By Lars Dalseide | February 7 2013 07:47

Retired military man from 'out west' donates $10,000 to the NRA

Las Vegas, Nevada - Thousands of wheels were in constant motion during the 3th Annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas. If you blinked ... you just might have missed them.

New guns, new optics, new outdoor grills and HD video thrills around each and every corner. While new products and endless possibilities were enough to nourish most, it was a simple act of unbridled selflessness that made a significant impression upon members of our Second Amendment institution.

An act by Don O'Shei. As a gesture of assistance and approval, Mr. Donald O'Shei of Jackson, Wyoming sought out NRA First Vice President James Porter. He wanted to help. To bolster our efforts. To do what he could in our fight for the Second Amendment.

"I think protecting the Second Amendment is the most important thing we can do at this point in the country's history," said O'Shei. "I'm glad to help out."

With that, he presented Mr. Porter with a check for $10,000 made out to the NRA.

"Mr. O'Shei, a retired military man, wanted to do his share to contribute to our legal efforts," said Vice President James Porter. "On behalf of the NRA, I accept his donation with utmost appreciation."

And then he was gone.

No bells, no whistles, no calls for acknowledgement. If fact, if I hadn't been standing by Mr. Porter when the donation took place, I would probably never of known about it. That's how it works. That's how a majority of the funds that come to the NRA are delivered. A few words, a quick handshake, and a belief that the money will go towards protecting the rights that we all hold so dear.

Just like Mr. O'Shei.

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