By Kyle Jillson | February 5 2013 13:53

How did you get involved with the NRA and what does it mean to you?

Join the

Fairfax, Virginia - There isn't one distinct type of Second Amendment supporter. The Friends of NRA family is made of people from all walks of life and spans the entire country. But no matter where they live, what their hobbies are or what they do for a living, their appreciation for the NRA brings them together.

Under this umbrella, every volunteer, every donor, every committee and every business in every state has their own reasons for why they proudly call themselves a friend of the NRA. Friends of NRA is a grassroots organization. Its supporters get as much out of it as they put in. And these are real people with real reasons who get up and get involved with their local Friends of NRA committee.

Tell us who you are.

We want to show they country just who makes up Friends of NRA. No longer will there be just a generic Second Amendment supporter. Each one of your has your own personal story for why and how you got involved with the NRA and what it means to continue your support.

Become a part of the "I am Friends of NRA" and send us your stories, pictures and videos stating why you call yourselves a friend of the NRA. We may be one group but we have many faces and the deserve to be known.

Come read some of the stories already up on the website and then tell us your own.


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