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History and policies of the National Rifle Association explained nationally

Colt Percussion and Single Army Action pistols set up for a PBS special

Fairfax, Virginia - If you've been watching the news this week, then there's a good chance that you've seen a number of NRA officials appear on a variety of shows. Just last night, Past President Sandy Froman was on with Anderson Cooper while Chris Cox appeared on Lou Dobbs Tonight on the Fox Business Network.

Each appearance required a visit to the respective network's studios. That was not the case, however, for a special segment filmed this week for PBS.

Preliminarily titled "Guns in America", the show filmed two specific segments inside the National Firearms Museum … a five minute portion with Museum Director Jim Supica and forty-five minutes with NRA President David Keene.

"They spent a few minutes with me and a pair of Colt revolvers from the 1830s and 1880s," said Supica. "The percussion model and the single action army."

But when they sat down the President Keene, the conversation moved to the history and work of the NRA. Here's a portion of what President Keene said:

NRA President David Keene prepares to speak with PBS

"In the early days, the National Rifle Association concentrated on firearms and safety training. We ran most of the competitions. And in those days, it was the NRA that really trained and picked Olympic teams for the United States. That was our role for almost a hundred years ...

"There've been waves of people who've come into the National Rifle Association over time. First it was hunters, after the competitive shooters were in. Later it was self-defense people and sport shooters and all of the like. It is now a coalition of all kinds of people that are involved, one way or another, in the shooting sports plus strong leaders in the Second Amendment, many of whom don't even own guns ...

"Up until the early 1970s, the NRA had not endorsed candidates, hadn't spend much money on advocacy, didn't have a lobbyist in Congress and there was a reason for that. Prior to the Culture Wars, there wasn't much disagreement on what the Second Amendment meant or the right to Keep and Bear arms."

The episode is scheduled to air February 19, 2013 on your local PBS station.

For more from the NRA, watch this week's episode of Fox News Sunday for a segment with National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.


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