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Real deer scents made for real deer hunters by real deer farmers

The Evercalm Deer Herd bag on display at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada - I always find it fascinating to hear the story of invention ... especially while wandering the countless booths during SHOT SHow. What was the inspiration? A wanting need, a life long dream or, in the case of ConQuest Scent Sticks, poor time management.

"One of our guys was out in the fields when the day ended," Karen Roberts began (Karen owns the ConQuest Deer Farm in Michigan with her husband Doug). "Like a lot of our people, he planned to go deer hunting right after work.

"He was covered in sweat, covered in deer food and, well, covered in deer excrement. Because he was running late, he just grabbed his bow and headed for the stand. When he got there, something amazing happened."

Deer started to appear out of no where.

Not one, not two, but dozens of deer.

Overwhelmed with the turnout, he put aside his bow and started dialing.

"You're not going to believe it, there are deer everywhere. They just keep showing up."

Despite all the noise, the deer remained. It was the scent. The scent of deer that covered his clothes. The scent that they ultimately turned into their line of ConQuest Scent Sticks.

"There's no hype or gimmick to it," explained Roberts. "Most of our competitors are big corporations — We're just a family run deer farm that started started collecting the scent that way because it's the best way to do it. We put it in that wax formula so it's preserved without any preservatives. It never spoils, you don't have to refrigerate it and it's weather resistant."

To top it all off, they are members of the National Rifle Association too.

"Guns are used every day on the farm," said Roberts. "We're just real people, real deer farmers with some of the largest bucks in North America.

"When the kids were in school, they learned how to handle guns too. They are a vital part of our life. That's why I am a member of the NRA."

The ConQuest Deer Scent booth at SHOT Show in Las Vegas

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