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Husband and wife team at NRA hunting show onlys book where they hunt

Scott and Wendy Heatley at the NRA Great American Hunting & Outdoor Show

Frederick, Maryland - While the NRA Great American Hunting & Outdoor Show has its newcomers, it also has its veterans. Beech Ridge Outfitters, for example, has been showing up all four years of the Great American experience. There to book great hunts for outdoor enthusiasts like you.

Started by husband and wife team Scott and Wendy Heatley in 2006, Beech Ridge Outfitters likes to think of themselves as your "hometown" hunting consultants. Operating out of North-Central Pennsylvania, this team offers affordable, fair chase, hunting opportunities on private property throughout North America, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Mexico.

"What sets us apart is that we personally hunt everywhere we represent," Scott explained.

Interested in hunting antelope? How about mule deer, whitetail deer, coues deer, moose, caribou, black bear, or four sub-species of the wild turkey? Beech Ridge Outfitters also offers world class fishing in Newfoundland and vacation cabin rentals in Idaho, Ohio and New York.

So why should you book a hunting trip in Mexico or a fishing trip in Newfoundland from a couple living in Pennsylvania?

"There are a lot of people that do what we do," Scott said. "The fact that we've personally spent our money to go to these places helps us get and retain clients. I could never give my money to someone that isn't familiar with the land and don't expect our customers to either. If we haven't hunted there, I won't book it - period."

Beech Ridge Outfitters is always on the lookout for new land owners to work with. (Why wouldn't they? It lets them get out and hunt.) If you're looking for a hunt or want to get hunters onto your property, check out their website.


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