By Lars Dalseide | January 23 2013 16:43

Sig Sauer debuts 5.56mm and 7.62mm suppressors during Media Day

Sig Sauer suppressor at SHOT Show's Media Day in Boulder City, Nevada

Boulder City, Nevada - We were expecting to see quite a bit when heading out to Boulder City last week for SHOT Show's Media Day at the Range. Rifles, pistols, shotguns and scopes ... anything you can think of. But one thing we definitely didn't have on the expectation list was a collection of suppressors coming from the factories of Sig Sauer.

"It's kind of new ground for Sig Sauer," said Scott Kenneson, Chief Instructor at Sig Sauer Academy. "But we're debuting everything at SHOT. Along with our 7.62 silencer, we have our 5.56 silencer and also our 9mm and .22 silencer.

"All should be available by February."

Officially stamped as an SD (Silencer Devices), the rifle suppressors are guaranteed up to 10,000 rounds. Or, as Chief Instructor Kenneson put it, the life of the barrel. That's also thanks to the new cam design. Manufactured in a place he knows so well.

"We're making them right there in Exeter, New Hampshire," the twenty year law enforcement veteran and survival expert explained. "With these suppressors, especially the 5.56, shooting either sonic or sub-sonic is hearing safe.

Though we did not have the opportunity to try out the 9mm or .22 pistols, the drop in decibels for our rifle shots were significant. And don't think they stopped there. For you big game or long range target shooters out there ... not to worry. Sig hasn't forgotten about you.

"We hope to come out with the .308 version in April," he said with a smile. "All welded stainless."

Sig Sauer 7.62 rifle suppressor at SHOT Show's Media Day in Boulder City, Nevada


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