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Keep safe while you're out and about this winter with the NRA's help

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Fairfax, Virginia - There are plenty of places to get away to in the winter. Whether you've planned a beach vacation or you're heading to the ski slopes, you want to be able to keep yourself, your family or friends, and your "stuff" safe and out of the hands of criminals so you can focus on having fun. In order to help you and everyone else get back safely, Refuse To Be A Victim has some tips to help you out this winter:

  1. Use a luggage tag with a flap that conceals your name and address. Or put your name and address, or business card, inside the luggage tag backwards so that the blank side is visible. Consider using a business address or mailbox service instead of your home address.

  2. Use well constructed luggage but avoid expensive looking, designer sets. Fancy, high-quality luggage may identify you as someone to target.

  3. Travel lightly. Don’t take too much jewelry, too many nice clothes, and too much luggage. You don’t want to look overly affluent and attract criminals’ attention.

  4. Keep medications and prescriptions in your carry-on luggage. Make a copy of all prescriptions and carry them with you.

  5. Place all valuables, to include all electronic gear, in your carry-on luggage. Baggage can easily be lost or broken into once it is out of your care.

  6. If you want to take any personal protection devices (pepper spray or mace) on your trip be sure to know all applicable laws and regulations for your destination. Additionally, commercial carriers (airplanes, trains, and buses) may restrict the carrying of such devices. Investigate before you travel.

  7. When you are waiting at ticket counters or security checkpoints, keep your luggage in front of you or between your feet, never at your side or behind you. It only takes seconds for a thief to distract you, while an accomplice walks away with your luggage.

  8. When going through security, don’t put your personal property on the conveyor until the last possible second. After you place your items on the belt, keep a close eye on them until you have reclaimed it. Don’t be distracted by anything.

  9. If you check your luggage with a skycap, be sure to see your luggage deposited on the moving belt system. If your luggage is simply placed on a cart and left there, anyone can walk up and remove it.

  10. When you are waiting at the gate area or in a restaurant, keep your luggage in front of you or on the floor between your feet at all times. For small travel bags, keep the strap around your arm while you are sitting. Do not become so engrossed in what you doing that a thief can walk off with your possessions. Bon Voyage!

For more tips on how to stay safe or on how to create your own personal safety plan, think about attending a Refuse To Be A Victim® seminar in your area.


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