By Lars Dalseide | January 18 2013 17:21

Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade show ends with record numbers

Black Rain Ordinance taking in final orders for sales at the 2013 SHOT Show inside the Sands Expo Center.

Las Vegas, Nevada - The 2013 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (also known as the SHOT Show), wrapped up this afternoon at 4:00 pm local time. Setting a new overall attendance record of 62,371, the show also experienced a record number of buyers and members of the media.

"This was my first SHOT and man, what an awesome experience," said Luke from Idaho. "I really hope I have the chance to come back next year."

Four days (or thirty-four and a half hours) to traverse the 630,000 square feet of shooting and outdoor goods was barely enough. If you didn't make a concerted effort to see it all then you probably didn't. But as long as you made the effort, that will be good enough until next year. What's important is that you showed your support. Without that, who knows where the shooting industry would be.

As Mossberg's Tony Taylor told the SHOTShow Blog, "what this show generates for our cause is absolutely critical."

Now all that's left is to leave. Pack up the booth, stow away the gear, check out of the hotel and begin the trip home.

For some, like Tom of Crackshot Corporation, this will be their only trip of the year. Others, like me, will be off to another location (the Great American Hunting & Outdoor Show) next weekend. And a few, like Joachim of Kruger Targets, have less then twenty-four hours until they hit the road again.

What happened here this week will help set the shooting sports stage for the next twelve months. Crowd reactions will influence the designs, product strategy, marketing campaigns and more. But first on the agenda is catching up with orders.

As most companies are anywhere from six to twelve months behind, the usual demand for change and innovations have given way to a simple demand product. One New York manufacturer claimed that it will be November before he catches up with last year's orders. Good for the industry, bad for the first time gun buyer, and a reality we all must come to grips with.

But those are discussions for a later date. For now, let us join the NSSF in thanking all who made it out to Las Vegas this week to kick off the 2013 shooting sports season. It promises to be a doozy.


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