By Lars Dalseide | January 18 2013 07:37

Outgo Microfiber towels 5 times more absorbent then regular cloth towels

The PT and regular Outgo Microfiber towel from McNett at SHOT Show

Las Vegas, Nevada - Our first venture into the Law Enforcement section of the 2013 SHOT Show produced many a discovery. Tactical shields, night vision scopes, non-lethal ordinance and a plethora of swat gear. Which makes it all the more amusing that the product catching my eye was the Outgo Microfiber towel by McNett Tactical.

"Little things make a big difference for our fighting men and women," said McNett Tactical Brand Manager Gerald Craft. "Our microfiber towels provide them with something even better then what they have at home."

When wrapped up and put away, the Outgo Microfiber Towel is less then a fifth of the size of a regular bath towel. Despite that size differential, it holds up to five times it's weight in water. And thanks to the accompanying wet/dry storage bag, it's easy to throw the Outgo in a go bag without a second thought. Before you know it, it's ready for use.

When space is in short supply, a highly functional yet simple to store towel sure sounds like a crowd pleaser to me.

"They dry out extremely quick, are easy to transport and take up hardly any space."

Given the high density microfiber weave, the towels can also double as a blanket, bandana, sling, or just about anything else you can think of. That is what impressed me the most.

As a relatively active individual, there are images of throwing this towel in my hockey bag, my backpack, or jacket pocket whenever I head out of the house. And if I had this towel during last year's Law Enforcement Precision Rifle class (five days in the bush), it would have made my life a whole lot easier ... if not a touch more cleaner and hygienic.

For more from McNett Tactical (water filtration, gear repair, outdoor cleaners, protective camo wrap and more), check out their website at

The Outgo Microfiber towel beside a regular bath towel from McNett at SHOT Show
An Outgo Microfiber towel laid out beside a hotel bath towel.

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