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Outdoor power, lighting and navigation supplier is Friends of NRA title sponsor

Brunton Resync power supple at the 2013 SHOT Show Las Vegas, Nevada - The Brunton Company was one of our first stops during day one of SHOT Show at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. Why there? Because they produce some of the finest hunting and outdoor accessories on the market today. A favorite being from their portable power line.

"Our portable power units (like the Resync) have some serious horsepower," said Brunton Outdoors President Erron Sorrenson. "You can charge your phone several times, your iPad several times, just about anything you need when you're out hunting, camping or even the office."

How's that for easing the pain usually associated with bringing tech into the field? And the best part is, it takes less then an hour to charge the Resync to full power.

"It might take you six hours if you're using solar," Sorrenson stated. "Where some companies are focused solely on solar, we see that as only one way of getting power to the battery. We're all about get power out into the field."

That doesn't mean they're going cheap and easy on the solar front. No, Brunton has fixed solar panels, flexible solar panels, marine solar panels, low light solar panels … the list goes on and on. But for Sorrenson, it's the Resync that takes the cake.

"It's the one I love. We have bigger and smaller, but that's the one that works for me. And that's the key, finding one that works for me. So if you spend a lot of time traveling — airports, hotels, rentals cars — this practically eliminates the need to find a plug."

While talking with Sorrenson, NRA's National Manager of Events and Marketing John DaSilva appeared with a plaque.

"Brunton has been a title sponsor of the Friends of NRA tv show for three years running," said DaSilva. "We truly appreciate the support they've given the Friends of NRA program. This plaque is a token of that appreciation."

But plaque doesn't really do it justice (as you can see in the picture below). Made from reclaimed wood, the plaque recognizes the contributions made to the Friends of NRA television show. And as the title sponsor, Brunton has contributed quite a lot.

The plaque reads:

Brunton President Erron Sorrenson and Vice President Joel Bell stand with NRA's John DaSilva and a Friends of NRA plaque of appreciation at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada

Friends of NRA
National Corporate Sponsor

With a shared objective of supporting the shooting sports, Friends of NRA's National Corporate Partners go above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you for your generous contributions that will help safe-guard programs across the nation that prepare today's generations to be tomorrow's guardians of the Second Amendment.

That's where our discussion of power supplies ended, and Brunton Vice President Joel Bell stepped up to say thanks.

"Brunton took on the title sponsorship of the Friends of NRA television program because it is a huge benefit. To the company, to our consumers. We are a big NRA supporter, believe strongly in the organization, and we believe that your membership is our customers."

So for all you NRA members out there in search of reliable portable power supplies for you next hunting trip, give Brunton a try. Not just because they help support the efforts of the NRA, but because they make one heck of a product. One you'll wish you had the next time the battery in your phone dies in a tree stand.


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