By Lars Dalseide | January 15 2013 13:05

Walking through SHOT Show in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada - Morning came early today as the 2013 SHOT Show at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. Expected to shatter last year's recording setting attendance numbers, the 35th Annual Show promises to finish as one of the largest shows in Vegas.

Finding your way through the rows and rows of manufactures, dealers and buyers is a welcome first day mess. Though prime pathways will be established (along with the requisite shortcuts) before the day is done, now it's all about finding a way through.

But you can't really find your way through. A step here and there's a new shotgun from Mossberg. A step here and there's a tactical scope from Leupold. New pistols from Colt, new blades from Buck, new new new new new.

rifles on display at SHOT Show in Las Vegas

After a few minutes of awe I remembered to start taking pictures. A few minutes after that, more than a hundred photos showed up on my SD card. This is no way to start. Instead of fighting through the influx of images and potentials, we retreated to the Press Room. That's where I am now. Attempting to type this out before returning to the main floor.

Rumor has it that a Top Shot Olympian will be speaking at NRA Youth Ambassador lunch. That's a great place to start. From there start talking with manufacturers, get the scoop on the latest trends and maybe snag a celebrity or two.

For now, it's back to the booth.


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