By Lars Dalseide | January 11 2013 08:23

A Uselton 1911 Long Slide .38 Super donated to the NRA

Fairfax, Virginia - Wondering why we didn't run a preview of last night's Curator's Corner? That's because they threw us a curve ball. For instead of going with a curator from the National Firearms Museum, the NRANews crew welcomed CEO Manny DelaCruz and NRA Firearms for Freedom Program Manager Cliff Burgess to their studios. And what they brought along was something to see.

A never before fired customized Uselton 1911 Long Slide .38 Super.

"These are extraordinary custom guns built to order," said Burgess. "It was donated by Scott Moss of North Arkansas Guns. He was offered $5,000 for this gun, but he wants to donated it to do something to help preserve our 2nd Amendment Freedoms. "

This gun, as well as many others, are being held at NRA Headquarters for sale on the new NRA Firearms for Freedom auction website. Not familiar with the program? Here's the Reader's Digest version.

Together with, the NRA auctions firearms donated to the Firearms for Freedom program. Those funds are then put back into the Association per the donor's wishes. It's been quite successful over the last few months.

"For the past few weeks, it's been like Black Friday every day," said DelaCruz. "Revenue is up tremendously and sellers are coming out of the woodwork because they're getting prime prices."

Now you can't go and bid on the Uselton 1911 today. Why? Because it is a premium firearm. One deserving of a special event.

What that means has yet to be determined, but when it happens it promises to be something.

The Uselton 1911 Long Slide .38 Super

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