By Lars Dalseide | January 10 2013 12:04

Putting things in place for the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Las Vegas strip at night during SHOT Show

Fairfax, Virginia - The streets and hotels of Las Vegas, Nevada are currently filled with those attending CES — the International Consumer Electronic Show. Next week the focus will be SHOT — the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show. And that's where we're going to be too.

Friends and family usually ooh and aah after hearing I get to spend a week in Vegas. They shouldn't get too carried away. Here's the problem.

There's too much. Too much to see, to do, to experience. Hundreds of manufacturers will be debuting their latest products. Manufacturers like Colt, Aimpoint, 5.11 and others are usually to provide a surprise or two. During Media Day, those of us who cover the industry are allowed to put some of those new products to the test. And the experience, well, the experience is purely SHOT.

As I said, there's too much.

Row after row, booth after booth, all wrapped up in an unbelievable sea of people. As a writer, the potential for stories are endless. The temptation is to take as big a bite as possible out of as many apples as possible. I tend to over indulge.

Running from 8:30 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon, the general assumption is that one can to hit the town at night. Some do. But there are evening events too.

The State of the Industry Dinner, the Sportsman Channel Awards, the Golden Moose Awards on top of countless other welcomes, tweetups and receptions tied into the week. By Friday (Thursday on busy years), the wear and tear tends to overtake the body and mind.

But you have to go.

If you're a manufacturer, distributor, retailer, publishers, writer, producer or television personality tied to the shooting or outdoor industry, you have to go. For no where else will you meet the right people, see the right things and learn the latest trends.

Along the way we'll share the experience by snapping some shots, writing a few stories and rendering a couple of videos. Most you'll see during the week. Some you'll see later this month. And a few you'll come across down the road.

While we'd love to share everything as it happens ... we can't. Why? Because there's too much.

Here's hoping too much is enough.

The Las Vegas strip during SHOT Show

If there's too much, then how did we acquire these shots of the Las Vegas strip? Because we had a camera on hand when traveling back and forth to the events.

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