By Lars Dalseide | January 7 2013 11:33

Navajo silversmith David Yellowhorse designs knife for the NRA

Brian Evans, one of our favorite Merchandise Buyers over at, sent us something special for today's Membership Monday ... a limited run folding knife from The Great Protector Collectible Folding Knife at acclaimed Navajo silversmith/artist David Yellowhorse
Fairfax, Virginia – For the NRA sportsman who thought he received everything he could ever want for Christmas, the staff over at the NRAstore brings you a truly unique item ... a knife that can be matched by no other. This exclusive piece of craftsmanship promises to be a cherished addition to any treasured collection.

The NRAstore teamed up with famed Navajo silversmith David Yellowhorse to bring NRA members a one-of-a-kind blade. Words fail to do it justice. Why? Because the Great Protector Collectible Folding Knife merges silver, yellow spiny oyster shell, red coral and black jetstone to create a sensory feast of color and texture.

The Bear & Sons Cutlery 4 1/8” Sideliner lock folder provides the base for this artistic knife. The 3” 440 stainless steel blade is textured with a special “Native Steel” technique. A technique that gives the blade a chipped flint look while still retaining the extra sharp edge that we all desire.

Each knife is individually serialized and includes a glass topped, American Walnut presentation case. You also get a certificate of authenticity signed by David Yellowhorse. Bad news is that production is limited to just 100 units ... so you have to act fast. Both the knife and box are made in USA.

You can purchase a Great Protector Collectible Folding Knife of your very own over at Get yours before it’s too late!

And while you're there, be sure to request a free copy of our latest catalog!

Great Protector Collectible Folding Knife and walnut case

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