By Lars Dalseide | January 3 2013 16:47

Blue Book of Gun Values publisher Steven Fjestad on NRANews

Steven P. Fjestad and John Bianchi at the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh
Steven Fjestad (l) and John Bianchi of Bianchi Leather (r).
Tulsa, Oklahoma - The new year kicks off with a return to friendly confines of the QuikTrip Center in Tulsa. The boys from the National Firearms Museum travel there twice a year for the world renowned Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show. Shot especially for the fans of Curator's Corner, it's something a little different. Not a rifle, not a pistol, not a shotgun or any other gun.

Instead, we go with the man behind the guns. More specifically, the man behind the value of guns. None other then Steven P. Fjestad of the Blue Book of Gun Values.

"Mr. Fjestad has a very interesting take on things," said Executive Producer John Popp. "But we're talking about a guy who's life revolves around the value of firearms, so how can he help but be interest."

Described as a nonstop and continuous firearms research project, the Blue Book of Gun Values is the the standards for firearm dealers, appraisers and collectors. While on Curator's Corner, he shares his thoughts on the possible effect of potential legislation coming down the pike.

"Once anti-gun legislation is enacted or consumers start focusing on the threat of a potential gun ban, then fear and greed enter the marketplace. Fear of impending anti-gun legislation makes consumers want and potentially overpay for something that's normally not on their shopping list. Greed makes them buy more than one."

To hear the entire interview, tune in tonight on or SiriusXM Satellite Radio's Patriot Channel.


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