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556 pages of all the self-defense laws in all the states

Self-Defense Laws of the 50 States - Second Edition Fairfax, Virginia - As you head into the new year, best be up on where you stand when you have to stand up. That's why we're bringing you (straight from the shelves of the Self-Defense Laws of the 50 States - Second Edition.

Put together by Attorney Mitch Vilos and his son Evan Vilos, the book not only covers the legalese of all the laws, but also what the authors refer to as "Plain Talk" summaries. Basically, they cut out all the usual jargon and jumbo with an everyday conversational english translation of the legislation and codes.

Here's a pitch from the publishers:

The right to defend your life and the lives of your loved ones was recognized as “inalienable” by our forefathers. Modern law, however, also recognizes the rights of those who seek to harm you, your family or your property, and failure to abide by the letter of the law while defending what’s yours could lead to personal and financial ruin.

Self Defense Laws of All 50 States helps you define the line between self defense and disaster by providing quick and easy access to the statutes, cases and jury instructions that define the law of self defense in each of the fifty states and Washington DC.

Available for $29.95 (not including tax and shipping),  the Self-Defense Laws of the 50 States - Second Edition is the perfect edition (no pun intended) for any gun owners collection.

Realizing that we're not always on target when it comes to these Membership Monday offerings, take a turn over to and browse away ... there's bound to be something there to catch your eye.


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