By Lars Dalseide | December 29 2012 13:25

Tactical Police Competition provides training for Law Enforcement

Melisse Turner of the San Antonio Marksmanship Unit at an NRA Tactical Police Competition

When you're out on a Tactical Police Competition course, the only thing you're thinking about is time. Time to identify your target, time to fire on target and time to move onto the next one. Any mistakes are penalized with time and ultimately ... you're ranked by time.

Whenever I'm out on a Tactical Police Competition course, the only thing I'm thinking about is staying out of the way. That's because I'm just there to capture the moment. The only think I'm shooting are pictures and videos. To share the moment with those who read NRAblog.

Moments like R. Lee Ermey stopping by a Tactical Police Competition course at the National Police Shooting Championships in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He watched a few competitors run the course, shook some hands and posed for a few pictures with the troops.

Standing in shotgun shells in Louisiana at an NRA Tactical Police Competition

A Tactical Police Competition from New Mexico

There was also the Sonic Blast course in South Carolina (the first course at my first Tactical Police Competition of the year), and early stop in Austin, a wet one in Oregon, all wrapped up with our final tactical competition at the Blackhawk Shooting Range in San Antonio, Texas.

The primary focus is training.

Training in real life scenarios with as much simulated stress as possible. For this exercise is not just about aiming triggers at targets, it's about thinking strategically while on the move in a stressful environment. In other words, it ain't just punching holes in paper at the range.

Take a full look at this year's Tactical Police Competitions.

Firing on course in Fairfax, Virginia during an NRA Tactical Police Competition

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