By Lars Dalseide | December 26 2012 11:35

Supplement your hunter's ideal Christmas with these gifts

It's only one day after Christmas. In addition to all the great gifts you found piled under the tree, there is probably one or two you may have preferred. That's why we went to American Hunter magazine for their list of of top hunter's gifts.

It's time of year once more: The holidays are upon us. With most seasons in full swing, there's not a lot of time for hunters to go shopping—so we're going to help you out. Have a fellow hunter or two on your shopping list this year? Here are 10 Christmas gifts that any hunter would be happy to unwrap in 2012.

Ties for the pheasant hunter from NRA American Hunter magazine

First, the obligatory tie. With names such as “Sittin’ Shotguns,” “Clay Shoot” and “Trophy Room,” it should be pretty obvious that Bird Dog Bay’s designer has an appreciation for the shooting sports. The hand-printed and handmade 58"-long ties are all 100 percent 18-momme silk twill and are 31/2" to 33/4" wide at their widest. There are also designs that feature, not surprisingly, bird dogs, quail, pheasant, turkey, ducks, whitetail and African game animals as well.

Thermacell heated insoles for your favorite hunter on American Hunter

No one likes cold feet in the field. Hunters battle it each and every winter, and this year they'll get help from Thermacell and its new Wireless Remote Control Heated Insoles. Durable, lightweight and soft on the foot, the heated insoles are controlled using a handheld remote and have three settings (No Heat, Medium and High). They maintain a steady temperature inside a boot or shoot, keeping your feet around normal body temperature—ensuring warmth, but stopping short of making your feet sweat. The insoles are powered by rechargeable and embedded batteries, and can run continuously for up to five hours. Have a hunter that hates the cold? Here's your chance to remedy the situation.

A Simmons trail camera is a perfect gift from American Hunter at the NRA

If you've got land, it's a good idea to keep an eye on its trails 24/7—and trail cameras from Simmons are a reliable and affordable way to do so. With seven months of battery life, a quick trigger speed and up to 32GB of memory, trail cameras from Simmons offer an ideal blend of dependability and value. There are three models to choose from, allowing for options for every budget.

Get American Hunter's full list of Hunter's Gifts on their website.


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