By Lars Dalseide | December 12 2012 13:13

National Manager stays on top of Friends of NRA Events

John DaSilva surrounded by Wayne LaPierre, David Keene and Allan Cors with his 2012 NRA Outstanding Achievement Award

Fairfax, Virginia - NRA's Outstanding Achievement Award reads as follows:

  • Presented to
  • Xxxxx X. Xxxxx
  • For Expectational Commitment to Outstanding Performance and Awarded this Certificate from The National Rifle Association of America.

Eight here at NRA Headquarters were presented with an Outstanding Achievement Award this year — one of those recipients was National Events and Marketing Manager John DaSilva.

What did DaSilva do to earn such recognition? We go to the script from the official presentation:

One of the truest tests of excellence is not how an employee performs when things are going well, but how they “step up” and contribute under difficult circumstances. This year, John DaSilva from Field Operations excelled in the face of some serious obstacles.

Despite these challenges, John selected, ordered, paid for and had delivered – on time – merchandise for all the Friends of NRA Events. Because of his long hours and hard work, nothing fell through the cracks. John has refined merchandise selection down to a science – it is his careful planning, negotiations and vendor commitments that ensures there is enough merchandise for the over 1000 FONRA events.

This year, merchandise John personally selected contributed to the Friends program having its best year to date, netting $21.5M.

Congratulations John. And the merchandise for next year's Friends of NRA Events look just as great as this year's.

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