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Texas Police Officers round out top three at San Antonio Tactial

Office Quick of the Round Rock Police Department in Texas

San Antonio, Texas - Why wait a little more then a month to offer a nod to those who finished third at NRA's San Antonio Tactical Police Competition? Things do have a way of piling up around here. There's so much to write (and so much to do) that we're often forced to leave a few bites on the table while moving on to the next course. So now we go back to the Law Enforcement piece of the pie.

The San Antonio Tactical Police Competition, held early this November at the Blackhawk Shooting Range, saw almost a hundred competitors head out into the sun. Coming from all corners of law enforcement, the shooters were divided into two specific groups — Tactical and Patrol. The courses are all the same, it's only the equipment that changes.

Patrol allows mechanical or iron sights only for all firearms and pump action shotguns. Tactical allows the use of one optical sight on the rifles and a semi-automatic shotgun.
Finishing third in the Patrol Division was Officer Quick of the Round Round Police Department. Improving upon his fifth place finish at NRA's Austin Tactical Police Competition, Quick ran into a stumbling block or two on Courses 2 (Walking Dead Attack) and 6 (Port to Port). Pictured above, Quick should be a formidable opponent come next fall.

Third in the Tactical Division was Officer Daniel Earnest of the San Antonio Police Department. After skipping the National Police Shooting Championships this year for the World Action Pistol Championships in Germany, Earnest appeared to be making a move for first overall until hitting Hallway Runner on Course 5.

NRA's Tactical Police Competition schedule starts anew next April in Anderson, South Carolina. Find the Tactical Police Competition schedule as well as all the ins and outs of NRA's Tactical Police Competitions online.

Daniel Earnest finished 3rd in NRA's San Antonio Tactical Police Competition


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