By Lars Dalseide | December 4 2012 15:26

Goosebump Guns and $100,000 gems on NRA's Guns & Gold

Fairfax, Virginia - From the pages of Guns & Ammo magazine we bring you NRA's Guns & Gold — Season 2 ...

Jim Supica and Phil Schreier oversee one of the world's truly amazing gun collections at the NRA National Firearms Museum, which includes guns dating back to the 14th century. They've seen it all, but as hosts of NRA's Guns & Gold, they keep looking. Because you never know what's going to fall out of someone's closet.

How did you become interested in historic firearms and their value?

JS: I saw WAY too many cowboy movies as a kid ...
PS: I was five years old when my grandmother said I was related to General Beauregard, and I instantly became a Civil War buff ...

What is it that you love about historic firearms?

JS: My favorite guns are those with a specific history - guns that are a tangible link to a specific person or event from our past. The good ones are "goosebump guns" for me.

Americans have a deep fascination with guns which is certainly reflected on TV and film. Why is that?

PS: Guns make things happen. They change history. Without them, TV and action movies would be one endless car chase that ends with a crash.

What can viewers expect from the new season of NRA's Guns & Gold?

JS: More guns, cooler guns, weirder guns, massive melon explosions, higher highs and lower lows.
PS: There are fake guns that are called out and a few $100,000 gems.

Starting in January, 2013 ... NRA's Guns & Gold. 9pm on Lock & Load Monday.

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