By Lars Dalseide | December 3 2012 11:48

The Ankle Holster Alternative for Conceal Carry holders

NRA Covert Comfort Ankle Holster Fairfax, Virginia - The first Monday in December — not as bad as you might think. Sun is shining, temperatures above 40o and holiday shopping is underway (for some). The only thing to that can make it better is another stellar selection for Membership Monday.

How does an NRA Covert Comfort Ankle Holster sound?

Sounds pretty good to me — why else would I pick it?

Now you might be wondering why "comfort" is in the title. As they say on the product page, comfort is the last word that comes to mind when thinking ankle holsters. Ah, but not here. Don't believe me? Maybe you'd believe American Rifleman? Here's a snippet from their review:

The pistol is held in place with a two-piece adjustable Velcro strap with a a quick-release thumb-snap break, and the entire unit is secured to the ankle by a broad, Velcro contact point to ensure reliable grip and support.

The holster is uniquely comfortable by way of its full-length genuine vegetable tanned sheepskin padding.

The vegetable tanning also helps avoid any potential corrosion to the snubnose or semi-auto of your choice. Yes, you can carry a semi-auto down there too — all thanks to the broad hook-and-loop contact point that holds the holster firmly to your ankle.

Available only in black for those with a right handed draw, the Covert Comfort Ankle Holster is made right here in the USA.

So if you have a CCW, and an extra $35.95 (less tax and shipping) earmarked for your firearm fund, the NRA Covert Comfort Ankle Holster could be the perfect addition to your collection.

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