By Lars Dalseide | December 2 2012 13:14

Shoots for 40 years, donates awards to NRA Museum

Around this time last year, 80+ year old Hazel Poole of Indiana donated her 'Scare Jacket' to the NRA National Firearms Museum:

Fairfax, Virginia - The National Firearms Museum receives donations every year — some from within our own NRA family. Today, Museum Director Jim Supica received just that kind of donation from the Hazel Poole of Indiana donates her shotgun Scare Jacket to National Firearms Museum Director Jim Supica family of our very own Bill Poole, the Director of NRA’s Education & Training Division.

It’s no secret to NRA employees that Bill is a wizard when it comes to the game of trapshooting. When you meet his mother Hazel, it’s easy to understand where Bill not only gets his shooting skills, but his sense of humor too.

Hazel flew in from Indiana to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with Bill and his family. While here, she made a unique donation to the National Firearms Museum: her “Scare Jacket.”

Many competitive shooters own Scare Jackets (or shooting vests) embellished with the patches, pins, medals, and other awards they collected over the years. And Hazel’s jacket is certainly scary enough to warn other competitive shooters that she was quite the force to be reckoned with on the range.

As an accomplished trap shooter, Hazel is an Indiana State Trap Champion and a Hall of Fame trap shooter in both Indiana and Kentucky. Her Scare Jacket is covered with patches and pins that recognize her accomplishments on the trap field including State Team and Ladies’ Champion titles. The largest patch of all is on the back of the jacket — the Ladies’ Champion at the Dayton Homecoming Grand American in 1970, a major competition for trap shooters.

When it comes to her shooting career, Hazel was a bit of a late bloomer.

“I started late,” Hazel laughed. “I was 38 years old when I began shooting trap, how’s that for showing my age?”

Although she picked up a shotgun later in life, she has always known how to handle a rifle ... something that Bill has apparently known since he was still in the womb. “When she was pregnant with me, she’d take a Model 52 bolt-action rifle and throw cans and bottles into the river near our house to shoot at them,” bragged Bill.

“But I never visualized myself shooting a shotgun,” Hazel admitted, adding that her son and husband were the ones who got her started. “Bill and Bill went off to a turkey shoot once and came back with a lot of turkeys!” exclaimed Hazel.

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