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Figuring out which gun fits their needs at NRA's Women on Target

Casey Saggers poses by target while Jennifer Boughton snaps a photo at NRA Women on Target event in Virginia

Centreville, Virginia - Ever think about attending one of NRA's Women on Target clinics?

Wonder what there is to learn?

Or maybe it's a question of what type of women go to such things? Women like Casey Saggers and Jennifer Boughton.

Now grizzled veterans of our Centreville, Virginia clinic, Saggers and Boughton came out that day for two very different reasons. Saggers, product of a Law Enforcement upbringing, was looking to buy a gun. Boughton, with thirteen years of military service under her belt, was looking for a little fun.

Casey Saggers smiles after firing a Revolutionary War era Wall Gun at NRA shooting clinic in Virginia "In the military, a lot of the times when you're shooting in a range like this, there's a lot of pressure to qualify," Boughton explained. "Your performance determines your eligibility for promotion, special training, things like that. And you shoot one type of pistol. It's really fun to come out and shoot different types of guns."

Which is exactly what most can expect at an NRA Women on Target Instructional Shooting Clinic. Create so women have an opportunity to learn all about firearms and to gain confidence in their shooting skills, these workshops also a great place to learn what gun works best for you.

"Here I get to shoot a variety of guns," said Saggers "When you go to a gun shop, that's not always the case. You can hold them, you can look at them, pet them if you like. It's about trying things out. The experience."

The experience taught these two that there's fun to be had in the shooting sports. Fun and responsibility. That's where the Buying and Caring class comes into play.

One of the five classes available to all in attendance (shotgun, rifle/pistol, archery and Refuse to be a Victim making up the rest), Buying and Caring explains the basics for first time gun buyers. How to choose, how to clean, how to store and more.

"I want to know how to buy a gun and what to expect when I bring it home," said Saggers. "How do you know if you don't know?"

Now she knows. And she also knows that a day on the range can be an exhilarating experience.

Jennifer Boughton gets the scoop on a flintlock rifle at NRA Women on Target shooting clinic in Centreville, Virginia "The shotguns. They were fun. Shooting at a moving target and the instant gratification of see the clays explode. That was great. But I kind of enjoyed the pistol environment too."

Now armed with that knowledge, there's ever chance that ladies like Saggers and Boughton will find their way back to the range. Having fun, staying safe, and maybe passing on some of that newfound knowledge too.

"I need to buy a pistol," said Boughton. "I want to be able to protect myself. I'd also like to start teaching gun safety to my nephew so he's not taught that guns are bad. "

What more could you ask for?

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