By Lars Dalseide | November 28 2012 10:51

Thanks to the plinkers, hunters, collectors and competitors who attended a Friends of NRA event in 2012

Dale & Lisa from Vienna, Virginia at a Fairfax, Virginia Friends of NRA event Fairfax, Virginia - As the Friends of NRA season winds to a close, we can't help but reflect upon why these events are so popular (and so essential) with the members of the National Rifle Association. After all, Friends Banquets (like the one held here in Fairfax, Virginia this October) are more than a night on the town. They are charitable events that bring out the best in people. People like Dale and Lisa from Vienna.

An active player in both the silent and the live auctions, Dale came into the night with an agenda for charity and sound reasoning for his support of the NRA.

"I'm an Eagle Scout. So I've definitely seen the positive results that this money can produce."

Thanks to the more then 1,000 Friends of NRA events held this year, the NRA Foundation was able to distribute thousands of grants to groups like the Boy Scouts, Junior Rifle Teams, 4-H Clubs and local ranges. Groups that are helping youths who were once in Dale's shoes ... looking for an opportunity to learn.

And he's more then happy to help.

"I'm an adult now. I'm making my own money, so I've got no problem donating money to a good cause like this."

Model displays a rifle while the auctioneer takes bids at a Firends of NRA event in Fairfax, Virginia As with all Friends events, there were plenty of goodies to choose from. Goodies purchased with money that will go towards supporting the shooting shooting sports across Virginia and the nation.

Everything from a customized AR-15 to uppers and pistols, from NRA jewelry to clocks, knives and outdoor gear, Dale had numerous opportunities to add to his NRA collection. But he had his eye on something special. Something he made sure to win.

"The Tommy Gun," he told us with a smile. "Comes with a violin case and a fifty gallon drum. Knew I had to have that the moment I walked in."

Now you won't have the opportunity to follow Dale's example this year. Yes, unfortunately, the Friends of NRA events are all wrapped up for 2012. But 2013 is right around the corner.

So do your part to support the future of America's shooting sports. Put a few dollars aside each week. Not a lot, just a few here and there. By the time a Friends event comes calling in your neck of the woods, you should have enough to walk away with something that'll earn you a smile ... maybe even one as big as Dale's.

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